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A History of Sunbury on Thames by G. Freeman. Revised edition 2005. £6.00

Sunbury, Shepperton and the Thames Valley Railway by K. Heselton £3.50

A History of Sunbury’s Pubs by Nick & Sue Pollard. £6.50

Shepperton Story by V. R. Brooking £6.75

Sunbury and Shepperton Past and Present out of print

Sunbury Inclosure 1800 by Nan Trimble £2.00

Property Owners of Shepperton compiled by V. R. Brooking £1.50

1842 Shepperton field map £2.00

Property Owners and Tenants of Sunbury in 1848 £4.50

I848 Sunbury field Map £4.00

Sunbury Echoes of The Past Vol. 1  out of print

Sunbury Echoes of The Past Vol. 2  out of print

Royal Manor of Kempton from 1086 to 1993 by K. Heselton £4.50

Shepperton by W. S. Lindsay lord of the manor  out of print

Walks Around Shepperton by V. R. Brooking out of print

Shepperton’s Island Dwellers ed. V. R. Brooking out of print

Life on the Thames Yesterday and Today ed. Nan Trimble out of print

A Shepperton Diary 1907 by Edward Rosewell  out of print

Sunbury Remembered ed. Nan Trimble £4.50

The Lost Houses of Sunbury and Shepperton  out of print

History of Shepperton’s Pubs by Nick & Sue Pollard £6.00

Along The River, A History of Sunbury Park by Sheelah Davidson £4.50

The Years of Change. Growing up in Sunbury and Shepperton By Richard H. Lawrence. £7.00

Sunbury and Shepperton in Old Photos By N. and S. Pollard    £4.00

The History of Walton Bridge by Nick Pollard      £7.00

Sunbury and Shepperton in World War 1 by  P. Bailey and N. Pollard       £7.00